Guide to using our accessibility bot

A quick guide on how to make the most of our accessibility chatbot.

Getting Started

What is the accessibility bot?

The Accessibility Bot by Future Worx is a free accessibility bot. It can help everyone understand how Microsoft tools can be more accessible, and better fit a person’s specific needs.

The accessibility bot currently has the knowledge to support with hearing, mental health, mobility, neurodiversity, and vision needs. It also covers tools such as the Edge internet browser, Office 365 productivity tools and Windows 10.

How do I start a conversation with the bot? 

There are 2 ways in which you can interact with our bot (see below).  You can ask a question or navigate the bot menu.  To navigate the bot menu, simply greet our bot with “Hi”, “Hello” or something similar.   

How do I ask the bot a question? 

Making tools accessible is for everyone, not just for people with permanent disabilities. Although for example if you do have a permanent need such as a hearing or vision impairment, Microsoft tools can support your style of working.  

If you know you have a permanent accessibility need, simply ask our bot a question to find out what Microsoft features exist to support your personal way of working.   

How do I navigate the bot menu? 

You may also have situational or temporary accessibility needs.  For example, you may be stuck in a noisy environment and need live captions during an online meeting.  Or you’re juggling work and the kids and could benefit from blurring your background, so you and colleagues aren’t distracted.   

If you feel you may not have a specific accessibility need, use the menu to navigate and learn more about accessibility features for situational and temporary uses.

What languages are supported?

Currently, the free version of the Accessibility Bot only supports English. However, we are able to build new language support on a customised version of the app. If you are interested in building a unique app for your business, please book a consultation with us.

Can I customise the app?

The free version of the Accessibility Bot cannot be customised. However, we are able to provide a service whereby we can create your own personalised version of the Accessibility Bot to address your specific needs. If you are interested in this, please book a consultation with us.

What data is stored when I download the bot?

When the Accessibility Bot is downloaded, we automatically receive data stored on your Microsoft account, such as your name and email address. No other information is stored or received and we will never share this data.

Any questions asked of the bot are completely anonymous. Whilst these questions are captured for the purpose of training the Bot and to improve performance and response accuracy, no personal data related to the individual or company are held.

Pinning the accessibility bot to Teams

You can pin the Accessibility bot app to the Microsoft Teams left navigation bar for your entire organisation.
To do this, ask a Microsoft Teams or Office 365 admin to:

  1. Log into the Microsoft Teams admin center
  2. Click through Teams apps > Setup policies > Global (Org-wide default) > Pinned apps > Add apps
  3. Search by name for Accessibility bot and click Add

Note: The changes will take affect the next time people restart their Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile apps.

How do you keep the bot updated in line with Microsoft Teams releases?

As part of the product sprint and QA process, we periodically review the available Teams Developer Preview and Features in Public Developer Preview details and proactively update our Teams integration to support new features and changes as they are released.

Where to go to get help 

What if the bot can’t answer my question?

Don’t worry, we see all questions that the bot didn’t understand in a dashboard.  You don’t need to let us know what it didn’t answer as we can quickly retrain the bot from the dashboard.   

What if I spot a broken link?

If this happens, you can easily report this to us using the Contact Us form, providing full details of the link that’s broken.   

What if I have some feedback? 

We really appreciate any and all feedback.  Simply use the Contact Us form, providing full details of your feedback.