Future Worx enables and encourages global connections and collaboration amongst the employees at pharmaceutical giant, AstraZeneca

The challenge

Global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, presented Future Worx with the goal of enabling its 61,500 employees to find, connect, collaborate and share information from anywhere on any device.

Various platforms had been used previously at AstraZeneca, but without a single system, adopted across the company, there was no unified experience for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Many employees had encountered bad experiences with tools previously and, as a consequence, had rejected them. Future Worx needed to reposition the use of a communication tool, and to guide and support employees through its adoption.

The tool

Salesforce Chatter was the preferred tool for AstraZeneca. The company had already rolled out Nucleus, a social intranet, built on top of Salesforce. Chatter was entirely compatible with Nucleus and the two platforms worked in tandem, boosting relevant content to users and encouraging discussion around the topics.

The major challenge for Future Worx was to encourage Chatter’s adoption by employees across the world. We needed to produce a range of services to promote the user benefits and to change the working behaviours of employees.

The solution

The priority for this project was user adoption. With 61,500 staff globally to engage with, a multi-faceted approach was needed. Every element was focused on the end user and their needs. Our programme was tailored to help people understand the value proposition of Chatter.

Our techniques:

  • Consultation programme: direct communication with employees revealed their pain points, communication challenges and their specific needs
  • Genius Desk: a one-stop shop for all things relating to the project was set up to answer questions, provide detailed information and generally support the uptake of Chatter
  • Internal communications: information on Chatter and the help available included on-site roadshows, to articles housed on the intranet, and staff mails
  • Tailored training: both scheduled and on-demand bespoke programmes were delivered daily. Coaching and support was provided around a wide range of business initiatives
  • Champions: ‘lighthouse’ communities within the business were shown as best practice examples for group collaboration and communication.

The outcome

“Just wanted to say, ‘Thank you so much!’ for all that you do to support the adoption, use, and application of Chatter. Being located in Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Chatter has closed the physical gap, making everything and everyone just a post away. Your responsiveness, your technical expertise, and your customer service excellence are outstanding! Much Mahalos!”


Within weeks of launching the project, 22% of staff had interacted with Chatter and had an active profile. There were 10,000 trending topics with contributions being made by employees across the world.

Wide-ranging discussions were taking place every day with contributions from colleagues across varying disciplines and locations. Chatter enabled peer-to-peer support to tackle scientific challenges. It improved efficiency as there was much greater awareness and knowledge-sharing across the company, reducing the risk of duplication. It became a facilitator of innovation.

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