With Future Worx’s expert guidance and support, 1700 Arqiva staff transitioned to a new hotdesk culture and adopted Cisco communication tools

The challenge

Arqiva is a leading communications and media company. Its technical infrastructure enables the ‘playout’ of broadcast media into UK homes.

Arqiva’s objective was to introduce a hotdesk model of working, using only soft phones. Its employees needed to be migrated to a new platform, with their legacy audio conference software being retired. This needed to be delivered within a tight timeframe as a relocation deadline was set.

The tools

Cisco provided the preferred software for this project. Cisco Webex Meetings was the ideal solution for video conferencing and Cisco Jabber became the soft phone tool.

The solution

Future Worx devised an adoption strategy and training plan to ensure a smooth transition from the previous way of working to the new model. This process included:

  • Discovery programme: workshops were held and key discussions were undertaken to identify use cases and gain an understanding of issues, concerns and employee needs.
  • Training and coaching: a range of learning sessions were held, both scheduled and on-demand, to support the uptake of Webex Teams and Jabber.
  • Genius Desk: self-service training, coaching and support was available to guide users through their adoption of the new tools and to increase their confidence in using them.
  • Internal communications: employees were provided with an array of materials to inform and guide them through the adoption of Webex Teams and Jabber in their everyday work life.
  • Technical delivery: Webex Teams and Jabber were implemented and integrated into the business successfully.

The outcome

Feedback from Arqiva was incredibly positive. The adoption rate was a staggering 75% which is far beyond the global average of 10-25%. Around 70% of employees provided feedback on the Webex Teams and Jabber training that had been delivered by Future Worx. The average satisfaction level was 9/10.

The project was implemented in time to meet the imminent deadline for relocation. The legacy audio software was switched off which saved significant costs for Arqiva. With the new workplace tools in place, disruption to employees’ daily working life was minimal.

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