Future Worx connects over 5100 Katoen Natie staff globally like never before with Cisco Webex Teams

The challenge

Katoen Natie operates in the global logistics and engineering space. They design, build and manage platforms for customers across a wide range of industries. With employees spanning multiple countries, effective communication was a priority.

Katoen Natie turned to Future Worx in partnership with BT, to provide a robust business solution to roll out across the company locations. Previously relying on a variety of communication tools, Future Worx reviewed the mode of operation and user behaviours, and defined an alternative platform to meet their requirements.

The tools

Cisco Webex Teams was the single, most effective platform for Katoen Natie. It enabled 1:1 and team messaging and video calls, content and screen sharing, and also white boarding. Meetings could be facilitated by the Webex Teams tool, allowing users to schedule, invite and participate simply.

The solution

Future Worx was engaged to roll out Cisco Webex Teams and the Cisco Webex Video platform to over 5100 employees and deliver an adoption program to educate staff.

This involved:

  • High-touch coaching including a series of 1:1 sessions
  • Virtual (tutor-led) sessions as part of the global roll out Recorded sessions
  • A series of quick start guides and video tutorials hosted on a bespoke microsite
  • Tailored communication to staff to raise awareness of the scheme.

This led to a significant increase in collaboration, team communication and knowledge-sharing across the company.

The outcome

“When we received the first drafts of the communications and video footage, we knew the solution was spot on and we knew the speed of delivery would be sufficient to deliver well in advance!”


Within two months of rolling out the project globally, there was an impressive 65% adoption rate. The 5100+ employees had received information and training on how to get started with Cisco Webex Teams. An online portal was created providing ongoing learning and information guides as a convenient reference point for staff.

No video platform had been used at Katoen Natie previously, so providing employees with the ability to meet and discuss face-to-face (albeit virtually) made a significant impact. It boosted engagement and collaboration in particular. Teams and co-workers felt more connected, despite working at a distance. For the first time, people were able to talk and collaborate from any location and on any device.

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