Future Worx eliminates cyber risk for Global Management Consultancy Group

The challenge

In 2019, the Official Annual Cybercrime Report* revealed businesses fall for ransomware attacks every 14 seconds. With tens of thousands of employees operating across more than 50 countries around the world, cyber-attacks posed a significant business risk for a leading Global Management Consultancy.

To provide a business resilient solution that would be accepted and adopted consistently worldwide. In addition to this:

  • We faced a challenge on how to maintain legal compliance for the secure exchange of sensitive information.
  • We needed to change an ingrained company-wide behaviour of file-sharing via email.
  • We needed to work with our clients Digital Transformation strategy aimed to better enable consultants to provide world class client service – cyber-security was crucial to the success of this strategy.

Future Worx was selected due to our ability to drive industry-leading levels of adoption on cloud-based collaboration platforms by treating their roll out with the same care and attention as a consumer launch.

The tool

Egnyte was the file-sharing application chosen to address this challenge. It possessed the strongest information security credentials available including ownership of data encryption keys. 

The solution

To successfully deliver the objective, Future Worx:

  • Conducted a global detailed workplace assessment, the outcome of which was a tailored adoption and change management plan with agreed key success metrics.
  • Scheduled training sessions to over 3,000 Consultants, Principles, and Partners.
  • Offered our unique Genius desk support to 9,000 staff, ensuring new ways of working were supported at the point of need.
  • Worked alongside the client’s internal communications team to promote the benefits of adoption – for the individual, for the company, and for the client – ensuring people clearly understood why Egnyte was being deployed.
  • Provided ongoing analysis of usage analytics and success metrics – this allowed for strategic and tactical course correction as required.

The outcome

The project was hailed by Partners as one of the smoothest and least disruptive IT changes at the firm, and a model for future deployments.

  • Egnyte was successfully rolled out to over 9,000 Consultants, Principles and Partners.
  • 92% confirmed it was easy to use after our training was rolled out.
  • They saw high levels of user adoption meaning an elimination of cyber-security risk through email file sharing.

We are continuing to work with this client on exciting new projects!

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