With Future Worx’s expert guidance, Euroclear transforms its meeting culture

The challenge

Euroclear operates in the financial sector. It is the central securities depository for the UK and Ireland. The company has around 3,800 employees in multinational locations. Euroclear prides itself in being people-oriented, so it approached Future Worx when it wanted to make it easier for staff to collaborate and communicate.

Euroclear had been using audio-only teleconferencing and it identified the need to modernise. There was a desire to incorporate video conferencing and to facilitate meetings both internally and with third parties. A small minority of employees were using Cisco Webex regularly whilst others were using outdated audio-only dial-in platforms.

The tools

Euroclear decided to implement Cisco Webex Meetings across the whole organisation. It provided the ideal replacement solution, offering additional benefits to meet the company’s business needs.

Webex enabled video meetings and screen-sharing, a marked improvement on the company’s previous audio-only facility. People could join from any device, internally and externally, which was a much more flexible solution. Also, the system could be rolled out across the organisation in a manageable way, without major disruption to the business.

The solution

It was important to encourage and support adoption of Webex across Euroclear, so Future Worx devised a robust strategy. This included:

  • Training and coaching: a range of learning programmes were produced to instruct members of staff on how to utilise Webex to the full, and to encourage its adoption. The training was tailored to the varied needs and experience of employees.
  • Champions: key ambassadors were identified and trained with the aim of enabling them to teach other members of staff.
  • Genius Desk: this service provided instant answers to users who needed urgent or immediate assistance with Webex.
  • Detailed documentation: comprehensive reference guides were compiled to provide easy-to-understand instructions for users. These were shared in the internal Jive community.
  • Internal communications: Future Worx worked with the programme team to devise a communication strategy and to provide quick ‘how-to’ reference material.

The outcome

The implementation of Cisco Webex Meetings at Euroclear enabled smart meetings for all. Their previous audio-only communication was succeeded by video meetings, using both collaborative meeting rooms and personal rooms.

“Euroclear was particularly pleased with the flexibility and devotion shown by Future Worx, their willingness to provide tailored and accurate support for each type of user.”


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