Future Worx enables Ralph Lauren employees to effectively connect and collaborate

The challenge

Global lifestyle brand Ralph Lauren, struggled to communicate effectively with over 3,000 Polo Ralph Lauren Store-based employees dispersed through 14 countries. Miscommunication. Chinese Whispers. And a lack of collaboration between Stores was causing issues in delivering the company’s “enjoy your best life” customer promise.

For Ralph Lauren Head Office to communicate directly with employees they needed to travel from Store to Store, spending days on the road. This presented challenges:

  • difficult to engage Store employees with the Polo Ralph Lauren brand.
  • stopped two-way conversations and collaboration between Stores and between stores and Head Office.
  • communication became hit-and-miss – with only Store Managers having a company email address, messages for employees had to be ‘passed on’. This made communication unreliable.

Future Worx was trusted to find the best solution and deliver a project that would achieve something never achieved before – a connected Polo Ralph Lauren workforce.

The tools

Workplace by Facebook was implemented as a communication tool that offers features familiar to the mainly millennial audience. Features included Groups, Chat, Video Calls and Live video broadcasting.

The solution

To successfully embed Workplace by Facebook in Ralph Laurens culture, Future Worx:

  • Assessed Ralph Lauren communication culture and in-store activity and designed Workplace groups.
  • Offered training across Stores and worked closely with volunteers to become in-store champions and provide Workplace support to fellow employees.
  • Genius Desk provided on-going support and coaching so employees could use Workplace in the most innovative ways.
  • Tailored communication to encourage Store workers to ‘claim’ their Workplace accounts – this was achieved by posting printed collateral directly to each employee as they could not be contacted by the usual means of a work email. At the launch, the senior team ‘shot’ a live streaming video that was viewed by the majority of Store workers – to very positive feedback!
  • Offered a wide range of other engagement initiatives which helped generate and maintain enthusiasm around brand initiatives and grassroots ideas from the ‘shop-floor.’

The outcome

For the very first time, all Polo Ralph Lauren Store employees were connected. On a medium that suited the way they lived their life – via their mobile device.

The project also enabled:

  • The company to communicate brand initiatives and directives consistently, across 3,000 people and 41 Stores.
  • Greater collaboration as 74% of employees connected within 21 days.
  • Store workers to have a voice – from giving instant feedback to Head Office on issues to learning ‘best in class’ ideas from other Stores globally.

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