Future Worx migrates 7,000 Tesco employees to Cisco Webex to transform business collaboration

The challenge

Tesco is the UK’s biggest retailer and has more than 500,000 employees worldwide.

Tesco’s employees used a combination of five different collaboration tools to conduct virtual meetings and conferences with colleagues around the world. However, the operational costs were high, and many of these systems were audio only. This meant that employee engagement was low and global collaboration was difficult. 

Tesco realised that adopting a single platform for video conferencing would not only make significant cost savings, but enable them to adopt remote working and create a more flexible and productive workplace.

The tool

With the help of Future Worx, a leading digital workplace consultancy, Tesco selected Cisco Webex as their global video conference provider.

The solution

Future Worx migrated more than 7,000 Tesco employees, located in over 12 countries, from five different collaboration tools to one single Cisco Webex solution. 

Future Worx devised and managed the migration plan across the business in order to support the cultural change needed for the adoption of the platform. They did this through:

  • Embedding a remote working culture across the company
  • Tailored training, on-demand coaching and a program of ongoing learning support for all employees
  • Globally unified collaboration and communication
  • Boosting remote working and business agility

The outcome

“It was imperative for the success of this initiative to find a partner that truly understood human behaviours, combined with real-world experience of improving business collaboration, the foresight, vision and practical can-do ways of working provided by Future Worx have helped turn this initiative from potential into reality.”


“The level of ongoing communication, one-to-one support, floor walking and training from Future Worx has made a massive difference and hugely encouraged take-up and understanding. It’s a great example of how effective and effectively-rolled out technology really can improve the way we work.”


Tesco and Future Worx successfully replaced the five legacy conferencing platforms, whilst implementing Cisco Webex in under six months. The 100% adoption of Cisco Webex led to a dramatic culture shift. it enabled employees to work remotely, whilst also increasing business collaboration, improving engagement and allowing for rapid worldwide communication.

The adoption of Webex also led to a major cost saving for the business by converting phone conferencing to free VoIP. 

Future Worx helped Tesco build a more resilient business for the future, whilst enabling collaboration and communication, increasing employee engagement and reducing costs.

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