Future Worx saves Virgin Media over £1m by enabling flexible working

The Challenge

Virgin Media had a vast property footprint, with over 800 locations across the UK. With many employees being required to travel frequently between sites, morale was at an all time low, whilst the unavoidable cost of travel was rapidly increasing. 

To combat this, Virgin Media needed a flexible working initiative to create a remote-first, agile working culture. They aimed to radically reduce time spent travelling between different sites, improve staff morale and to create a resilient business for the future. 

In order to do this, they needed to seek a solution that would allow employees to collaborate and communicate whilst remote.

The tool

Virgin Media’s Flexible Working Initiative required a platform that would enable them to collaborate and work remotely.  It needed to utilise video calls and shared documents and to be easily accessible over a variety of devices.

The solution

With the help of Future Worx, Virgin Media selected and deployed Cisco Webex and Jive to all its 14,000 employees.

In order to optimise the adoption of the tool and to remove the need for travel, Virgin Media would need to ensure that employees found them to be intuitive, easy to use and effective.

Future Worx worked with Virgin Media to:

  • Create a bespoke adoption plan to scale the roll out of Webex and Jive
  • Embed a remote working culture across the company
  • Provide tailored training, on-demand coaching and a program of ongoing learning support for all employees

The Outcome

“Because of Future Worx I found the whole process of moving to Webex seamless, quick and easy. I’m not the most tech-savvy person but the forewarning and various methods of instruction were very helpful and instructive and helped the process of changing so that everything went smoothly. All in all, it was a very well thought out and well-executed migration, great job and appreciation to the Future Worx team involved!”


“Working with Future Worx brought about the biggest cultural change that Virgin Media has ever seen. We’ve gone from a very linear way of communication to a much more media-rich and collaborative way of working”. 


Working with Future Worx enabled Virgin Media to adopt a “remote-first” approach. This allowed them to dramatically transform their culture and boost employee morale, through reducing time spent travelling, increasing engagement and improving business-wide collaboration.

The 80% adoption of Webex also led to over £1million in annual savings spent on travel and expenses, keeping them well within budget.

Future Worx helped Virgin Media to build a more resilient business for the future, whilst enabling collaboration and communication, with time-saving and financial benefits.

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