Jo Mullins

Jo Mullins

Cisco Webex adoption for all!

Future Worx has worked with Cisco as a trusted partner for several years. We successfully deliver Cisco Webex projects to clients transforming their digital workplace. Our partnership with Cisco also sees us involved in creating adoption content for their customers and partners. The results have been phenomenal with content having thousands of views and downloads. At the beginning of the content journey, we concentrated on user adoption and user experience of Cisco’s products and devices. Once they were covered, we moved on to industry-specific eBooks such as Finance and Education. To date, we have helped Cisco create a whopping 44 eBooks!

Webex Adoption toolkits for everyone

The adoption toolkits we have created include Webex Meetings and Webex Teams. These contain the introduction of Cisco’s ‘5 pillars of success’ incorporating leadership, technical readiness, use cases, communication and champions. These eBooks are now helping organisations worldwide in their adoption efforts.

The toolkits were created and tailored specifically for different lines of business within an organisation. Content was created in smaller ‘packs’ so that it could be easily shared and was specific and relevant for each department. For example, for Marketing we created specific use cases aligned with their daily work and tasks.

These toolkits were not only highly rated by different sectors, but the Webex Boards eBook went on to win a Turtl award for its design and content. A fantastic achievement against tough competition. 

Webex essentials

The essentials eBooks were developed with the user in mind. Focused specifically on a particular action, we created a GIF showing the steps users needed to take. For example, in the Webex meetings essential eBook we have an easy to follow GIF showing how to join your first meeting. We also included a written copy of the steps, so users could choose the most suitable method for them. Again, feedback to the eBooks was incredible, and people loved the ease of using them.

Industry-specific Webex eBooks

We then created industry-specific eBooks, where we covered industries such as K12 (pre-university), higher education, finance and healthcare.

In the finance eBooks, we enabled large global banks to adopt modern technologies. The book covered everything needed to empower employees. There was the option for customers to connect to their branch remotely to discuss and resolve any banking queries and actions they had. This improved communication for both the company and its customers.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, we responded by covering assisted living in Care Homes. This eBook showed that care homes could lead the way in connecting loved ones. This project had a huge impact on keeping people in care homes in contact with relatives and friends during an extremely difficult time. 

What’s next?

We’ve covered everything from Webex Teams to Desk Pros, from healthcare to public services. Our in-depth knowledge of specific line of business adoption challenges and the requirements of each industry in adopting digital workplace technologies has successfully enabled Cisco customers.

We thrive on the challenge of working with different industries. If you have a challenge that our team of digital workplace experts can help with, get in touch today!

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