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Closing the curtains on an unpredictable year – our predictions for 2021 and beyond

2020 is now drawing to a close and businesses are starting to reflect on what has been a turbulent year. There have been unforeseeable challenges and struggles caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in an upturn of workplace transformations with the adaption of remote working. Yet with a multitude of lockdowns and varying restrictions in different locations, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to understand what to expect next.

As leaders of digital workplace transformations, we understand the value of remote working and ensuring employees and organisations are future-ready. We know from countless surveys that the workforce is already divided, with some flourishing working from home, while others have struggled with little human contact and have missed the routine of a physical office. Most would enjoy a flexible arrangement but there are a lot of factors to consider. How will employees continue to adapt in 2021?

It’s not only employees that have changed the way we think about work, but our use of technology has vastly changed this year too. Workplace technology will continue to be the engine that propels your business and makes future collaboration possible. The more comfortable we are at using new forms of technology and understanding the complexities of it, the better chance we have of successful collaboration with colleagues and clients. In 2020, we learned to adapt to using digital tools, but in 2021, what can we expect to change? 

While it may not be possible to predict the future, we at Future Worx have compiled 9 predictions we believe will play a vital part in the future of work and employee experience in 2021. 

One prediction we’re confident on is that end-to-end employee experience will be a top priority when people are making career choices. A study conducted by Facebook showed that people prioritise three elements from work – career, community and cause. Potential employees will now seek more opportunities for self-direction and autonomy, an inclusive and engaging community, and the desire to be involved in work that has a purpose. That means to attract the best talent, it will no longer be enough for organisations to be strong in one area – they must excel at all three. 

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