Elina Oost

Elina Oost

Coronavirus and events: Top 5 ways to take your event online

You and your team have spent weeks, maybe even months, preparing for an event. Setting everything up and making sure it is fine-tuned down to the finest detail. No matter the size of your event, we’re starting to see the Coronavirus outbreak impact spread across the globe. With travel to and from certain countries being restricted, companies asking employees to stay at home, and a general reluctance to travel, Plan B has never been more important.

Technologies such as Zoom, Google hangouts, and Webex can all enable you to take the prized content you have been planning, online. Webex Events provides you with a specific platform with all the nuts and bolts you need to host. Zoom Webinars allows your keynote speakers to share their message. Cancelling your event doesn’t have to be a disappointment, use it as an enabler to get creative and reach a wider audience online.

Moving company get-togethers online

Call it an “all-hands”, call it an “end-of-year”, or even a team get together. No matter what you call it, it’s never been more important to continue to keep some continuity in your business. Communication is key, especially if your team are remote working. Take the event online and keep your employees engaged with polls and chats. It might even be easier to have a member of your senior leadership team pop in for 10 minutes.

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Annual conferences don’t belong online

We’ve seen major events cancelled all over the world, starting with Mobile World Congress at the beginning of February. The list has continued to grow over the last 5 weeks with more companies moving to an online schedule of content. This is a great way to let your hosts, panellists, and attendees join from anywhere, even the comfort of their own home, allowing you to reach an audience that previously wasn’t accessible.

Getting the camera on and sharing presentations in real-time, can give a real personal feel to the event. More platforms have chat enabled in their event solutions allowing the audience to continue to participate and ask questions. You can even broadcast your content through social media channels, adding a whole new angle to your marketing strategy.

Ask the expert at events online

Events are often a great way for product teams to get direct feedback from your customers, and for your customers to ask questions from experts. Keep this magic alive by arranging drop-in sessions with experts through Webex or Zoom. You could even host “ask me anything” event, or live chat on social channels. You’ll be able to reach a wider audience and make valuable lasting connections in ways that just aren’t possible in passing conversation. And, as an added bonus, you’ll have all those questions gathered for future collateral and materials.

Product launches reimagined

You’ve spent months, maybe even years, developing a new product, planning a launch event, only for it all to be ruined. Using video technology such as Zoom, or Webex, you can still bring together the analysts, industry experts, and high profile customers in one place to launch. But now, it’s all online. Use high-quality video to capture your launch, then dive into expert presentations to share more information about it. You can use chat features to capture the questions, and even have a “green room” for your presenters.

Taking your user groups online

In the tech world especially, local user group chapters are a great way for the local users, partners, and employees to get together. Whilst in some areas these can go ahead, using video software can open up a whole host of knowledge sharing. And as a bonus, you can even bring in guest speakers that may have been geographically inaccessible.

Bringing your events online

Not every vendor offers all these options in one produce, but a majority of them do. Online events have been used with success for nearly 2 decades by all kinds of departments: marketing, sales, finance, education, healthcare, etc. If your event was about wine and involved tasting it, online events won’t do the trick. But, for software, products and services, etc. this is a perfectly viable and lucrative solution.

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