Kieran Kelly

Kieran Kelly

Helping a diverse workforce achieve goals during lockdown

Future Worx are currently supporting a large enterprise as they adapt to the pressures of lockdown with a global roll-out of Microsoft Teams. During our implementation we were introduced to a lady (who doesn’t want to be named) who is partially deaf. Her daily work had been impacted by the sudden move to working from home and her Bluetooth kit she uses to send the computer audio to her hearing aids had stopped working and she couldn’t work out how to fix it. Unable to get a support engineer to her home, she had been managing day-to-day by lip reading on conference video calls which was a major challenge given additional connectivity issues. This situation was affecting her productivity.

Our Digital Workplace Consultant, Stu Bailey, was immediately able to take control of her machine and diagnose the issue. He was able to work with her to ensure her device was correctly set up, linked to her hearing aid and functioning correctly. Stu was then able to take her through every aspect of Microsoft Teams which could help support her specific needs. For example, he demonstrated the innovative ‘Live Captioning’ feature in Microsoft Teams which puts live, real-time subtitles on the screen during video conversations, a function that she had no prior knowledge of.

This support was described as ‘completely game changing’, enabling her to be productive again and not having to depend on her family to sit in on meetings and provide her with the information she needed to do her job. It also significantly reduced her stress and anxiety associated with her transition to the remote workplace.

This is just one example of why enterprise organisations need comprehensive adoption and change management efforts when rolling out remote workplace technologies rather than pointing people to a self help page or asking them to raise a ticket. One size does not fit all, and our approach is as tailored and individual as the people we support. It’s also a really great story and one of the reasons why Future Worx are so passionate about delivering successfully for our customers.

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