Moments that matter: keeping in contact with loved ones in care homes

The Covid-19 pandemic has put care homes firmly in the news, but amongst all the PPE supply and infection control conversations, it feels like an important element is missing – connection.

Sadly, the pandemic has meant that care homes have been forced into lockdown, resulting in heartbreak for many as they cannot see their loved ones in person. The inability to visit loved ones has been a challenge no-one expected to face, so when Cisco approached Future Worx to help care facilities enable virtual visits using Cisco Webex video technology, we jumped at the chance. We are experts at adoption of new video technology and working with Cisco, we created an eBook, ‘Moments that Matter’ which focused on how to make virtual visits possible.

Our goal was to make it easy for residents, family, and friends to connect. To make virtual visits possible when visiting in person was impossible. We understand that joining and taking part in virtual visits might be new to some, and our aim was to alleviate any concerns. We created quick start guides and best practices that could be easily printed and circulated around a care home. We wanted to remove the stress that is often associated with using new technology.

Creating the eBook, we wanted to ensure every virtual visit was a success, something everyone would want to do again. We’re all aware that uncertain times are ahead and that the way we interact with those who are looked after elsewhere maybe changed forever. The eBook shows what’s possible when staying in contact via virtual visits and makes a real difference to families and friends.

At Future Worx, we know that all connections matter

Experience shows us that no matter what technology solution you use to stay connected, no-one will want to use it if you don’t tell them why and teach them how. In care homes, losing the human contact with friends and family would have a huge impact on residents but by enabling virtual visits we allowed people to stay connected. Technology is the enabler for maintaining these connections and Future Worx are the experts in enabling people to successfully use new technology. All connections really do matter.

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View the care home eBook here.