Launching the Future Worx Accessibility Bot

We are excited to introduce the new Future Worx Accessibility Bot. This is the only app operating in the Microsoft Teams platform that helps users understand all the accessibility features across Office 365, Edge and Windows 10. This free chatbot has been designed to increase awareness of accessibility across organisations, resulting in higher levels of inclusion and productivity.

Over the last few months, Future Worx has worked with organisations around the world to transform their digital workplaces and support employees working remotely. This has meant solving many challenges with accessibility needs whether they are permanent, temporary or situational. We are delighted to share these learnings across the Microsoft ecosystem through our Accessibility Bot to help enterprises create truly inclusive organisations.

Our Accessibility bot covers needs across Hearing, Mental Health, Mobility, Neurodiversity and Vision.


Answering questions about which tools can support hearing impairments, features that can make meetings more inclusive and how to overcome situations like a noisy environment.

Mental Health

Providing access to Mental Health resources in a digital workplace is so important. It can be easy to be quickly overwhelmed with notifications and information. The chatbot shares tips to allow users to stay healthy and focused.


Whether it be a permanent or temporary mobility need, there are small simple changes that can be made in the Microsoft Office suite to make life easier.


Neurodiversity is the variation in the human brain. Areas the chatbot can support for are sociability, learning, attention and mood. The Accessibility bot identifies features to allow every individual to be their most productive self.


Microsoft tools are packed full of solutions for permanent and temporary vision impairments. The chatbot works with screen readers and the built-in Teams immersive reader to share hints and tips.

Future Worx has been delivering digital workplace transformations successfully for nine years. We are currently helping a number of companies utilise the flexibility of remote working to become more inclusive organisations. The first step is an assessment workshop to benchmark your organisation’s current effectiveness. To book your company assessment workshop get in touch today.

Download our Accessibility bot now!

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