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Making the future of work accessible for all

Diversity and inclusion are key to driving innovation and culture change. However, organisations often struggle to meet everyone’s needs and some people can get left behind.

Challenges such as working from home, expansive digital toolsets and accessibility needs add to the complexity of enabling productive and equal workplaces.

The Future Worx Accessibility Bot covers needs across hearing, mental health, mobility, neurodiversity and vision. The chatbot has been designed to increase the awareness of accessibility so that it helps create truly inclusive organisations.

Download the Microsoft Accessibility bot

Download the Accessibility Bot directly here from the Microsoft Store, and discover accessibility features in Teams, Office 365, Edge and Windows 10.

How our Accessibility Bot empowers people

Available in Teams

The Accessibility Bot is free to use via the Microsoft Teams app store.

Knowledge when you need

Stay productive when accessibility needs arise, with 24/7 bot availability. 

Intelligent response

Ask the bot a free text question, or navigate through its menus to learn more about accessibility features within Microsoft tools.

Escalation to the answer desk

View Microsoft resources for more detail or speak to someone on the Disability Answer Desk.

Customised genius desk

Our genius desk offering can provide an expert with specific customer knowledge when escalation is required, as a paid service.

Using the Accessibility Bot

Support for everyone


Ask questions about which tools can support hearing impairments, features that can make your meetings more inclusive and how to overcome situations like noisy environments.


Microsoft tools are packed full of solutions for permanent and temporary vision impairments. The bot works with screen readers and the built-in Teams immersive reader to share hints and tips.


Neurodiversity is the variation in the human brain. Areas the bot can support in are sociability, learning, attention and mood. The Accessibility Bot surfaces features for your to be you most productive self.


Whether it be a permanent or temporary mobility need, there are small simple changes that can be made in the Office suite to make your life easier.

Mental Health

Mental Health in a digital workplace is so important. It can be easy to be quickly overwhelmed with notifications and information. The bot will share tips to allow you to stay healthy and focused.

Any Further Questions?

We know it’s important to see the data you are sending when using our Accessibility Bot as well as looking at ways to implement the bot to your organisation. That’s why we’ve created our Accessibility Bot guide, which can help answer your questions. If you have a question that’s not on there, please do feel free to contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

Increase your organisation’s awareness of accessibility by downloading the Accessibility Bot today.

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