Adoption and execution

Adoption is the key to digital workplace proficiency and business value

Our formula for success is to design and deliver a rich end to end employee enablement experience supported by training, on-demand coaching, self-service guides and usage analytics so that new ways of working become as natural as using a smartphone. Collectively, these services realise the value of your digital workplace investments and business case.​

Our formula for success

We drive adoption and execution services using an eight-part formula for success.

1. Business Drivers – Focusing the whole effort around what your business needs to achieve.
2. Leadership – Senior people backing the change and leading the way.​
3. Technical readiness – Making sure the tools work, first and every time.
4. Use cases – Understanding exactly how your people will use the tools.​
5. Communications – Inspiring everyone to take part and understand how they will benefit in their work.​
6. Champions – Recruiting enthusiasts around the business to help drive adoption.​
7. Measurement – Monitoring adoption and business performance targets to inform data-driven decisions.​
8. Genius Desk – Provide amazing learning experiences after launch.

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