Management and Innovation

The rate of change in today’s operating environment demands ongoing management and assessment of your digital workplace, and that you constantly seek ways of using it to find new value.


Chatbots are a highly effective way of keeping people proficient once the hyper-care adoption stage is over. ​ Future Worx chatbots are uniquely effective at resolving questions as they are specific to each customer, built up using both our expertise and the actual interactions your people have had with our Genius Desk during adoption.​ Chatbots can provide overall support or can be domain-specific, such as our Accessibility Bot.


With every project, we complete detailed analysis of the pre and post situation to track value realisation. This means that you can then benchmark your digital workplace performance compared to peers and leaders in each sector.​ Ongoing analytical reviews highlight new opportunities for enhancement, the impact of new trends and technologies, and inform your future strategy​.

Innovation Workshops

The digital workplace is evolving quickly and it’s important to rethink and challenge your approach.​ Our Innovation Workshops take a deep look into specific topics or functions and explore how challenges can be met or opportunities realised through emerging trends, new technology or just a different perspective.

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