Kieran Kelly

A survival guide for the upcoming hybrid workplace culture war – 5 deadly traps to avoid

A culture war is emerging in the world of work. Before the pandemic, hybrid or remote working at scale was dismissed as impossible. Yet, the pandemic has shown that offices are, in fact, surprisingly dispensable.

Research has shown that the hybrid workplace (a flexible combination of in-office and at-home work) is generally preferred by employees, who want the best of both worlds, and is at least as productive, if not more so. What has happened is that the pandemic has fatally severed the assumed connection between productivity and location. And work will never be the same again!

Not everyone is convinced. Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan’s CEO, for example, stated that remote work doesn’t work “…for those who want to hustle.” And a conflict is emerging between the Old Guard, who wish to return to the office-centric status quo, and the Vanguard, who wish to plunge headfirst into the new hybrid workplace. 

The Old Guard suspect that employees will struggle to collaborate, to “hustle”, and will let work slip down the priority list in favour of naps and laundry. The Vanguard fear that the Old Guard simply want to indulge their vested interest in office life: the joy of bossing people about and their wild-eyed circumambulations of the corridors of the enterprise. 

And exactly how it will pan out is becoming a battleground. The balance of power is truly shifting and this is triggering a lot of fear and anxiety on both sides. 

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How are businesses supposed to navigate this emotionally-charged, once-in-a-lifetime cultural shift? 

This Survival Guide will help you to navigate the upcoming workplace culture war, highlighting the deadliest traps and how to avoid them!

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