Apps, gaps and overlap!

Are you using the best team communication tool for your business?

Remember life before apps? Now the market is flooded! It’s the same with workplace tools. Picking ones to suit your business – and ignoring ones that add no value – is a challenge. The chances are, you will most likely have 2 if not 3 tools for video now. If you are using Microsoft Teams, you will probably have Skype for Business, Webex Meetings or Zoom. That’s a lot of tools that do the same thing, so how are your employees supposed to know what to use each day? How do they know which tools give the best user experience? And which tool will help them be more productive day-to-day?

Too many apps

Well, that’s where we can help. At Future Worx, we are highly experienced in successfully helping companies transition to a fully working digital workplace. By learning what tools you currently have, we will help you understand which tools are best-in-class for your organisation, so you have all the capabilities needed for excellent work in the digital age.

Reduce the gaps

We know how to utilise team communication tools such as MS Teams, Webex Meetings, Zoom (the list goes on) to the best of their capabilities, so your employees have the best user experience. Our methodology will make your workforce adopt these tools with ease, rather than resisting change in your workplace. Are your employees fully utilising the tools they have? Interestingly, most companies are only using around 20% of the functionality available to them. Take Microsoft Teams as an example, yes it does video meeting but there is so much more it can do to improve productivity and collaboration.

No overlap

Right now, you may notice you have duplicate tools or software that do roughly the same thing. It’s paramount for your people to have minimum duplication of functionality, otherwise you’re going to have a lot of confusion over what to use, when to use it and more importantly, their fear of using the wrong tool in-front of colleagues or even your customers. With the focus shifting to cost reduction and containment, organisations working with us are able to save millions on subscription license costs, by transitioning to a single tool; especially tools that are provided free of charge within large software bundles.

We strive to find the right solution for each organisation we work with. So whether you’re using too many of the same team communication apps, or not sure which choice to make, contact the Future Worx team today and we’ll help you make the right choices.

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