Louisa Powell Smith

Top Tip #3 – Keeping your Outlook calendar simple!

Having problems keeping up to date with your busy meeting schedule? Too many calendars on the go? Or have you ever missed a meeting because you skipped an invite? Well, here’s a top tip on how to keep your Outlook calendar and meeting updates in check so you never miss another meeting.

Several calendars on the go…

Working from several calendars can be time consuming and make it hard to keep on top of your meetings. Why not synchronise all your calendars in Outlook!
This is a very simple yet effective step and means that whilst Outlook is running, all your calendars will be synchronised across your devices. To improve performance, simply move any shared calendars that you rarely use to the ‘Other Calendars’ folder in Outlook. Limiting the calendars in your ‘My Calendars’ folder means all your calendars are in one place and results in a more streamlined experience and faster performance.


Your calendar doesn’t have to be a cluttered mess of back-to-back and overlapping appointments. Think smart! Get the most out of your synchronisation by making sure you send all the meeting recipients updates. This will ensure everyone sees the same view of the meeting preventing people skipping updates, they think they’ve already viewed.

Finally, always ensure you get into ’good’ habits of accepting or declining all meetings, rather than just deleting them, in case there are any changes.

Following this Outlook tip and keeping your calendar in check is the key to having a smooth and productive, stress-free day as well as getting the most out of your calendar synchronisation!

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