Louisa Powell Smith

Top Tip #4 – Know when someone joins or leaves your Zoom meeting

Having problems knowing when participants join or leave your Zoom meetings? Have you started a meeting with 30 participants and then as if by magic, another 10 have appeared or disappeared? Do you want to better manage your Zoom meetings so you know when someone joins or leaves? Well, here is a top tip on how to set an entry or exit chime so you no longer get those nasty surprises when people unexpectedly ‘pop-in’ or ‘pop-out’ of your meeting!  

Feature benefits

Turning on this feature means that when participants join or leave your Zoom meeting it will play a chime to alert you and gives awareness of the presence of participants. A definite ‘plus’ feature for small meetings but it may not be suitable for large meetings!   

Setting the chime in three simple steps

To set the chime whilst in a meeting, simply click ‘Manage Participants’ to view the participant list. At the bottom of the list, select ‘More’ and then from the next menu that appears, select the ‘Play Enter/Exit Chime’ option.  

Once the option has been enabled, the chime will now play and keep you in check when participants join or leave your meeting. 

Additional feature settings 

You can even pre–set the option before a meeting. Simply log into the Zoom web portal. Select ‘Settings’ from the menu. Scroll down until you see the option ‘Play sound when participants join or leave’ and toggle the option ‘On’. Once enabled, you will see additional options that you can select to further customise the setting. 

This simple yet great feature means that you will always be aware of the presence of participants and never have those unexpected ‘pop-in’ or ‘pop-out’ participants in your meetings!  

If you haven’t already used this feature, why not give it try in your next Zoom meeting! And to keep up to date with all of our top tips, make sure you sign up to our blog to be the first to receive our updates.

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