Louisa Powell Smith

Top Tip #6 – How to pin and unpin apps in Microsoft Teams

Looking for a quick way to find your apps in Teams without having to scroll through channels, chats or even your browser to find the app you are looking for? Frustrated with switching between apps when actively and regularly using Teams?  Wondering if there is a simpler way to make apps more easily accessible in Teams? These are all questions we are faced with daily in our effort to improve the way we work whilst trying to navigate a more digital workspace, which even for those tech savvy amongst us can sometimes prove a challenge. 

Quick ways of working are a must in today’s fast-paced way of working so why not take a look at this short video on how to pin and unpin your apps. It’s sure to help make your life easier in only a few clicks of your mouse! 

Watch our video on how to pin and unpin your apps on Microsoft Teams

Now that you can pin and unpin apps, this will provide a much easier way of positioning all of your apps in one place. To find out more tips like these, be sure to subscribe to our blog, or if you’re looking to enhance remote-working for your business, reach out to us here as we can help you enable your digital workplace.

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