Stu Bailey

Top Tip #2 – brush up your presentation skills with PowerPoint Presenter Coach

Have you ever presented in front of a team and wondered how you came across?

Did you pause enough? Did you use too many filler words such as ‘like’ or ‘erm’?

Find out how you’re performing when you’re presenting with PowerPoint Presenter Coach.

Most people haven’t heard of it, so we wanted to share with you our tip on how to access it and how it can help.

So, what exactly is PowerPoint Presenter Coach?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a tool we all frequently use for presentations as it’s easy to use and doesn’t take much time to prepare. Going one step further, Microsoft introduced the Presenter Coach, which allows you to practice your presentation in private and get real-time feedback!

Plus, if you suffer from anxiety or get nervous before you deliver an online presentation, the Presenter Coach can help build your confidence by helping you improve on the areas you’re worried about. Think of it as an AI-powered work buddy who can help you with feedback when you need it.

Let’s get ready to rehearse!

Open your PowerPoint presentation document in the web application. Once done, select slideshow in the tab at the top, then click Rehearse with Coach. Start practising your presentation. The Coach monitors and analyses your speech and words as you rehearse. During the presentation, the tool will recognise the words you say to determine if you are making a consistent presentation.

The report

Once you finish, the Coach gives a report on how you got on. The report shows the total time and number of slides you covered and your average pace. It will also tell you if you’re reading directly from the slides and using filler words like umm and uhh. Once you’ve reviewed the report and made the suggested changes, try it again with the feedback in mind. After a few more rehearsals, you’ll be more than ready to nail that important presentation!

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