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We enable enterprise organisations to reimagine their digital workplace, delivering measurable benefits that have a transformative impact on their people and performance.

Offices are reopening and we’re going back but no one is sure exactly in what numbers or at what speed. One thing’s for sure: it will never be quite the same again. Our latest eBook explores seven monsters that thwart your return to the office and the transition to a hybrid workplace.

Future Worx helps you to change the way you operate and successfully enable your digital workplace to deliver measurable business outcomes.

What we can do for you


Empowered people

Move to an outcome-based culture that doesn’t assess performance based on office presence

Adopt a hybrid work model, blending teams across locations

Provide an employee experience that drives attraction and retention of talent


Operational agility

Redesign outdated business processes around a digital workplace that supports cross-functional teams

Allow more co-authoring and faster sharing of information

Innovate at scale to bring products and services to market faster


Business resilience

Create organisations that are not dependent on command and control structures

Able to respond and adapt to rapid and unexpected external changes

Support fluidity and become a future-fit organisation

Why is it important to get your
digital workplace right?

In today’s world, the digital workplace is fundamental. It determines whether people want to join you, and stay with you and how productive and engaged they are. It directly impacts your effectiveness as a business to achieve objectives, innovate and be resilient.

Accessibility bot

Making the future of work accessible for all

Diversity and inclusion are key to driving innovation and culture change. We’ve developed our Accessibility Bot to cover needs across hearing, mental health, mobility, neurodiversity and vision.

We work with the best

We are vendor-neutral so we can always give you the best impartial advice, and work with you regardless of the technology and tools you have in place. Our focus is always on your business goals and on your people, helping them to work in their best way.

We seek out the leading products related to the digital workplace and become experts on how to use them to their full potential. 

We know how to do it right

At Future Worx, we are enterprise-focused digital workplace experts using a proven methodology developed over the past eight years. We have a unique way of working that’s successful; time and time again. We are passionate about delivering client success, changing the employee experience for the better and upskilling your teams.

We are not just consultants or advisors.  We help you define the vision and strategy and work out your business needs and also become part of your team and work hand in hand with your people to deliver measurable benefits. 

More than 1 million employees

More than 50 digital workplaces transformed

Millions of dollars of benefits realised

“Future Worx’s services led to €6m in savings”


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